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Ball and Pagan Festival

October 27, 28 and 29 2000

Whether you are Pagan or just Pagan-friendly -- come along and have a great time !!

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Did you attend this Festival? Your feedback is wanted !

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Please send us your feedback of Halloween 2000! All feedback (unless you otherwise noted) shall appear on this page unedited and full credit shall go to the author.

CC Beris Marie <>
Attended Saturday (Day Pass)
This was our first time at the festival and we loved it. The setting was perfect and we found it was well orginized. Next year we think we will be there for the full weekend. The market stalls were great (although we would have liked to see more). The feast was wonderful. 2 of us attending are not members of a coven so the big ritual was a very powerful and moving experience. Maybe incourage workshops that are hands on? One member of our party is a pagan friendly and she found it a bit hard to follow things at times. We understand that it is hard to cover all areas but most information was delivered on the assumption that the listener already knew the details. We were there to explain what things meant but we were wondering if there were others there without the benifit of friends to help them out. (eg. The short talk on the ritual was great but if you are only pagan friendly and have never looked into this aspect of being a pagan then you are left unsure as to what the "watchtowers", elements and overall reason is for the ritual) But saying that this was a highlight of the weekend. To bring others out of the "What exactly is a pagan and what do you do?" line of thought maybe the saturday (being the main day) could start with a workshop for those pagan friendly that want to get a grasp on the whole thing and dispel some myths. We had a great time and hope we will be back next year !!

Bree <>
Attended Saturday (Day Pass)
The workshops were good but there were not enough of them. The food was far too expensive and there needed to be an alternative choice for lunch, such as hamburgers or a vendor of some sort. It was too far out for convinience but the location was beautiful. Not enough stalls. The festival itself was wonderful I enjoyed meeting new people and listening to the lovely music, but I do admit it was a little to new age for me.

Black Cat
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Halloween 2000

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