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Ball and Pagan Festival

October 27, 28 and 29 2000

Whether you are Pagan or just Pagan-friendly -- come along and have a great time !!

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Did you attend this Festival? Your feedback is wanted !

Awaiting the report from Witchcraft Magazine.

Please send us your feedback of Halloween 2000! All feedback (unless you otherwise noted) shall appear on this page unedited and full credit shall go to the author.

Daimeon, Cari, Adam Milton & Renee De Vree <>
Attended Whole Weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
We loved the whole thing!!! The food was much improved over last year and the feast was incredible :)
We all thought the workshops were very well organized and taught. We enjoyed having the Sunas play both nights. The facilites were excellent. A nice thing to consider might be a group effort to make sure there's enough firewood handy for the fire pit (by the people that intend to enjoy the fire into the wee hours that is :)
The markets were nice but a larger variety of stores would be a good thing (as always!) and we missed being able to get the souvenir t shirts like last year. We really enjoyed being able to just hang out and socialize with everyone and can't wait till next year :)
Thanks much!

Kathrynn <>
Attended Sunday (Day Pass)
I felt the entry was far too expensive for a family of four. I would have been quite happy about paying this, had there been more to see and do. We stayed all of ten mins for the cost of $38 . I feel because of the number of actual workshops and stall holders on the Sunday, the price should have been reduced. The children were dissapounted as well, and we will not be attending next year.

Phoenix < >
Attended (not stated)
I had a blast. The only thing I could see would be next time get a bigger room.

Gregory <>
Attended Whole Weekend (Camping)
Yes I and my family ( wife and son ) went to H2000 camped out for the 3 days. We all had a ball it was the height light of the year as far as I am concerned. Where else can people of so many paths come together and have a bit of fun ( and maybe learn something ). The only problem I had was trying to socialize with everyone, attend all the interesting workshops and eat, sleep and other things. Bill, Leisa and all the people that worked together to make this event happen need to be congratulated. I for one can't wait for the next Festival - Blessed be

Phillip Palk <>
Attended Whole Weekend
Since this was the first Pagan festival I've been to i didn't really have anything to compare it with, but I did think that all round it was pretty good. The fancy dress ball was a good idea as was the knights demonstration. What would have made the ball better was if it was held outside, it got a bit toasty for people in costume and it was a beautiful night outside. Some of the food was a bit dodgy and dried out but from what i heard it was a LOT better than last years so i should probably shut my mouth on that one :) A few more stalls would have also been nice but that's not something you can always help as you do need to find people to put stuff in the stalls. All in all I'd say it was good time had by all.

Peter and Michelle Wyborn <>
Attended Whole Weekend
We enjoyed everything and will definately be coming next year. The only thing I would have liked is to be able to attend more workshops but since they were on at the same time. I know you have to fit a lot in but the workshops we did attend were great! I will get to them next year if they are on. The food was wonderful. We are still raving about the festival and will be for a long time to come. Thanks to everyone and the band was fantastic. I have learnt so much. Thanks for a wonderful festival see you next year

Lynette Miles <>
Attended (not stated)
My son and I attended the festival. We would like to thank everyone involved in the festival. I don't know how a small group of people managed to put on such a great event, take care of all the details each day [both big and small] and still smile and make everyone else feel good. We would like to thank the organizers, the caterers, the workshop holders, stall holders, entertainers, the various swordfighters and fire displays, as well as all the participants who were helpful and friendly. We both had a magical weekend. I woke on Monday morning feeling very strange. I wondered what the feeling was and finally realized that it was self esteem; I'd forgotten what it felt like.
Just a small negative - it's probably asking too much to ask for soy milk to be served but I was very surprised to find no wholemeal bread. I cannot tolerate white bread so had to drive to Landsborough to buy some edible bread. Otherwise, a wonderful time was had.

Jennifer Russell <>
Attended Whole Weekend
T'was a gorgeous relaxing weekend! Food was great, band was incredible! Loved the rite on Sat night. Was dissapointed to miss Bill's discussion I had to leave early on Sunday..would have loved to be a part of that. More stalls would have been nice although the quality of the small selection there was wonderful. Will not miss the next festival! THANK YOU!

Jill Fisher <>
Attended Whole Weekend
Good value! I had a great time. I really enjoyed the diversity of ideas and paths present and I met some wonderful and interesting people. I really enjoyed sharing rituals with others. A new-comer to a public event, I was unsurprised to discover tension between people/groups of differing views and I was saddened by the discovery of some competitiveness for "ownership of truth" . I really appreciated what Bill Wirth had to say and want to thank he and Lisa for their work with this celebration as well as all the people brave enough to share their knowledge in workshops.

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